Pipeline: the mist and the surfer on a perfect day of surfing

Banzai Pipeline has delivered two consecutive days of classic big wave surfing, on the 21st and 22nd December, 2013. Add the words "epic" and "memorable" to the adjectives list.

The pro surfing craziness has settled down, we've got a new world champion and it's winter time on the Oahu's North Shore. Is there anything new? Well, maybe.

Banzai Pipeline has awakened for a classic day of big wave surfing, in Christmas mode. Makua Rothman, Koa Rothman, Jamie O'Brien, John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Mark Healey, Anthony Walsh, Damien Hobgood, Bruce Irons, Pat Gudauskas, Keanu Asing, and many anonymous wave riders got the most out of First Reef and Second Reef.

Waves touched perfection. For two days in a row, there were 12-foot faces rolling in for everyone. You had to pick the right one, otherwise you'd get a free wipeout for Christmas gift.

"Everyone who surfed Pipeline (and that's basically everyone who surfs Pipe) surfed one of the best days in memory. I drove to the airport to go surf outer islands away from the crowds with a friend and we couldn't get a seat on a flight", explains Kelly Slater.

"Haleiwa had a contest on so we headed back to Pipe. Life always guides you to the right place but occasionally narrows your options".

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