Kelly Slater: the fortune teller of Encinitas

Bert, the anonymous surf street artist, has painted a 17-foot tall Kelly Slater as a fortune teller, on the Coast Highway, in Encinitas, California.

In 2003, when asked where he sees himself in 10 years, Kelly Slater promptly responded. "Competing at Pipe, against kids like John John Florence. He is only ten years old, but already charging Pipe. When he is 20, I'll be 40, and hopefully I will have a chance to surf against him".

The prophecy, that can be found in Slater's biography "Pipe Dreams", was right, and it served as an inspiration for another secret work by Bert.

"Slater's Hawaiian Pipe Dream" depicts the 11-time world champion and 2013 Pipe Master, as a fortune teller, or seer, staring outwards with a crystal ball in hand containing an image of himself, with the Pipe Master's trophy.

Bert will be releasing a limited edition print of 72 titled "Slater's Hawaiian Pipe Dream".

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