Nicolau Von Rupp: he owns Capitulo Perfeito

Nicolau Von Rupp has taken out the Capítulo Perfeito 2014, in Carcavelos, Portugal.

Von Rupp managed to score the only 10-point ride of the competition, in very difficult maritime conditions. The surfer from Praia Grande was chasing a back to back win in the tube riding event.

"I want to start by thanking the crowd at the beach. You have filled our soul with energy to face this ocean. It was a rather complicated day here in Carcavelos. The conditions were classic, but Mother Nature decided to give us a 'beating'," Nicolau jokes.

Exiting the powerful Carcavelos barrels was the ultimate goal, but several surfboards were broken in the 7-10 foot heavy surf. Wipeouts caused light injuries, too.

Nicolau Von Rupp, who had already won Capítulo Perfeito in 2013, defeated Ruben Gonzalez, Marlon Lipke, and Antonio Silva in the final heat.

Capítulo Perfeito 2014 Final:

1. Nicolau Von Rupp, 10.50
2. Ruben Gonzalez, 10.25
3. Marlon Lipke, 5.65
4. Antonio Silva, 4.70

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