Sandmarc Floater Head Strap: a quality POV GoPro accessory | Photo: Sandmarc

Want to become a point-of-view (POV) surf movie master? The Sandmarc Floater Head Strap Edition is a must-have GoPro accessory.

GoPro reshaped the way we immortalize the best rides of our lives. Surfing and surfers gained a lot with the surf camera revolution. And today, the GoPro accessory list is infinite.

Sandmarc's Head Strap is just perfect. It's compact, lightweight - weighs only 140 grams (five ounces) - and fits all heads and helmets. When you put it, you'll immediately feel comfortable.

The head strap for GoPro can be used with or without the neoprene floater. A simple velcro wrap system will handle the power of an unwanted wipeout.

The Sandmarc Floater Head Strap also features an adjustable band, and all items are made from quality durable materials.

The set is ready for all GoPro cameras, and it can be worn by surfers, bodyboarders, kiteboarders, windsurfers, wakeboarders, skimboarders.

Get the Sandmarc Floater Head Strap Edition. Discover the best surf accessories for GoPro.

Sandmarc Floater Head Strap: it floats | Photo: Sandmarc

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