"A Deeper Shade of Blue" premieres at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

February 1, 2011 | Surfing
A Deeper Shade of Blue: another jewel from Jack McCoy

"A Deeper Shade of Blue" is Jack McCoy's latest surf movie jewel.

The iconic film maker explores the evolution of the surfboard, like a work of art. "A Deeper Shade of Blue" will be premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, on February 1st.

"It was an extremely exciting time to be a surfer as all kinds of things were happening really fast. Gerry Lopez and a good friend of mine, Buddy Dumphy were taking 12 inches or more off with each new board. They'd go out and ride it and come in and shape one shorter. It seemed radical but once boards went shorter, surfing really had a surge of adrenaline and creativity, within a couple of years a whole new way of surfing emerged", says McCoy.

Jack moved to Australia in the 70's and met the stars of that surf-crazed nation, including Derek Hynd, a sharp student of surf culture, an expert on surfboard design and surfing styles, a talented writer and surfer/shaper who in the film rides the modern surfboard without fins.

The Hawaiian director believes surfers are special. He thinks they are the world's fittest athletes. When Cheryl Crow tried to teach Lance Armstrong to surf he was gasping for breath like any beginner.

Jack McCoy’s past film credits that have made him a star in the surf world are Storm Riders, Occy, and Blue Horizons to name a few. This is a big picture of a memorable story, beautifully told. It is a film about feeling good to be alive, this is not a surf film, but a film about surfing’s heart and soul.

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is now in its 26th year and is considered to be one of the top ten Film Festivals, in the USA. The majestic Arlington Theater will be the venue for this world premiere.

Watch the trailer for "A Deeper Shade of Blue".