A foil surfing session behind a tanker

August 7, 2018 | Surfing
Julien Fillion: foil surfing tanker waves

Ready for a never-seen-before foil surfing session behind a tanker wave?

We already knew what hydrofoils could do for us. The high-tech wing hit the water sports market with a bang and opened endless opportunities for surfers, kiteboarders, and windsurfers.

Julien Fillion made a longtime daydream reality. He went foil surfing behind a large tanker somewhere in Canada. The stunning footage speaks for itself and makes us want to try it ourselves.

The professional kiteboarder from Montreal rode his Liquid Force Impulse kit behind the wake generated by a tankship. The infinite waves never seem to break, but that doesn't stop Fillion from keep going.

It is quite impressive how the foil cuts smoothly across the windless water surface, and how Julien barely needs to pump the board to keep riding.

Are you ready to join the hydrofoil revolution? Take a look at the beginner's guide to foil surfing.

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