Eloy Lorenzo Junior: riding the waves of a mega swell that hit Uluwatu

Uluwatu is one of the most famous surf breaks in Bali, Indonesia. Located on the southwest of the Bukit Peninsula, the spot is a swell magnet.

In the last days of July, a massive swell hit the region, and Uluwatu delivered some of the biggest waves in decades.

A few days earlier, the area was devastated by a large fire that broke out near Ulu Cliff and quickly spread to Blue Point Beach, destroying dozens of local villas.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and surfers were able to get back to the water soon after. And there were good reasons to celebrate what nature had in mind for the iconic break.

Uluwatu, which translated means "the rock where the land ends," roared to life, pumping 20-to-30-foot waves that peeled perfectly down the line.

According to local surfers, on July 25, Eloy Lorenzo Junior scored the wave of the day after being towed into a huge wall of water and surfing it strapless for over a minute.

And because it is sometimes hard to avoid superlatives, some say it has been the longest wave ever surfed at Uluwatu in 20 years.

The mega swell that hit Bali also attracted an elite group of paddle-in surfers and bodyboarders, but the conditions were actually ideal for tow-in surfing.

Uluwatu is comprised of four main sections: Temples, The Peak, Racetrack, and Outside Corner. The left-hand wave breaks over a submerged reef and works best with a south or west swell combined with southeast trade winds.

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