A night surfing party at Wavegarden

November 23, 2018 | Surfing
Wavegarden: selling drinks and waves at the same time | Photo: Wavegarden

The pressure is on, and the Wavegarden has a lot of work to do these days.

After opening the world's first public wave pool in Snowdonia, Wales, the Basque Country company is unrolling its second generation artificial wave - The Cove.

But the battlefield is open, and Wavegarden will have to cope with three strong opponents - Surf Ranch, BSR Surf Resort, and Surf Lakes.

In other words, the wave pool industry is heated up, and only the best concepts will prevail. Surfers seem to prefer formulas that look more like ocean waves, instead of predictable wave generation systems.

In one of their regular publicity stunts, Wavegarden held a night surfing party at their R&D demo center in Zarautz, Spain and invited a few top European surfers.

The structure is a mini Cove. Actually, it is only 20 percent the size of the standard facility that is being built in Melbourne and Bristol.

Leonardo Fioravanti, Joan Duru, Vincent Duvignac, Justin Becret, and friends tried to find room for themselves in the party waves.

In the future, and with the expansion of the wave pool network, night surfing parties may become an interesting revenue stream, with both drinks and ridden waves paying back the investment.

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