A free river surfing wave for everyone

November 15, 2013 | Surfing
Neil Egsgard: resting while his team designs the river wave in the back

Surf Anywhere plans to build the perfect wave for surfing in your own backyard or neighborhood.

The story of Surf Anywhere is quite simple. The Alberta River Surfing Association (ARSA) was looking forward to have a world-class wave.

The individual goal quickly turned into a project to improve the world. Because the Kananaskis River is dam operated and turns off at night, the local surfing entrepreneurs have the ideal location to test new wave designs and release that information with the world.

Surf Anywhere works with an open source design model, which means their results are public. The organization enjoys government approval and is currently "installing" the new wave 900 kilometers (560 miles) away from the Pacific Ocean, in Alberta, Canada.

Neil Egsgard, founder and president of Surf Anywhere, is asking for more rocks and funds to complete the first prototype in the Kananaskis River .

Building the best river surfing waves for everyone, in the whole world. Will they do it for us?

Discover the surfing river waves and tidal bores of the world.

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