A surf pool, one Lamborghini and 10 Russian models

June 19, 2012 | Surfing
Electric Blue Heaven: surfing, Russian models and a Lamborghini

Surf movies are going arty. Globe's latest adventure in the short film hype features everything you wouldn't expect in a cinematographic story about surfing.

Call 10 Russian top models, add a yellow Lamborghini, mix up with the sands of the desert and get "Electric Blue Heaven", a conceptual surf film starring Dion Agius in the Al Ain Surf Park Wadi Adventure, famous artificial wave pool of the Middle East.

The plot is simple, yet fascinating. A green-eyed desert goddess arrives at the surf pool and makes waves for our invited surfer. In a matter of moments, perfect clean waves are pumping and the surfer takes the maximum pleasure out of them.

We know we're in some kind of paradise. While Dion Agius takes off from the lip of the wave, 10 perfect women enjoy themselves in the no man's land.

Contrast is everything in "Electric Blue Heaven". Surf filmmaker Joe G shows us the brutal contrasts of the wild dry mountains with the crystal-clear waters of the wave park.

Watch "Electric Blue Heaven", a short surf movie that might indicate the future path of surfing and cinema blended together.