A surfer girl is "Making Waves" in Morocco

January 13, 2015 | Surfing
Oumaima Erhali: smiling when surfing

Oumaima Erhali is a Moroccan surfer girl. She believes surfing and Islam can walk together in harmony.

"Making Waves" is an extraordinary short surf film. The documentary tells a very simple and heart touching story, while asking a controversial question. Can a Muslim girl go surfing?

Oumaima Erhali is only 17 years old, but her passion for waves cannot be denied. Her brother was a coast guard and avid surfer, and he passed away not long ago. Oumaima kept his surfboard and decided to give surfing a go.

"He used to take me with him to the beach when I was a child. That's when I first played with a surfboard. Whenever I go surfing I remember him," reveals Erhali.

"Surfing is like going for a therapy. I learned by myself. After being married, a woman can't show her body. Islam isn't like that. Being a Muslim comes from the heart."

The Moroccan society is changing, and women are slowly conquering their space in the professional world, and in sports too. There are more opportunities for girls like Oumaima. Her sister Zineb is the first female coast guard. Both sisters have full support from their parents.

The young Oumaima wants to train and improve her level of surfing. In the future, she dreams of traveling the world and opening a surfing club. Hopefully, she will open a new chapter for aspiring surfer girls in the beautiful beaches of Morocco.

"I like the fact that she's surfing. I don't have enough resources, but if I did I would help her and encourage her more," concludes father Arbhi Erhali.

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