Beach: a sanctuary of freedom and the ultimate border between land and water | Photo: Shutterstock

The beach is Nature's diplomat. It acts as the bridge between land and water, humans and aquatic animals.

It's one of the greatest companions we have.

We get to the beach when we're unhappy, lonely, tired, and depressed, but we get back to enjoy its warm and golden sands.

Humans should make a pact with Nature.

For everything they have given us, we should be their guardians and protectors 365 days per year - keeping them clean and intact.

The sands of the world's beaches are in constant motion, but their only threat is human activity.

On every beach, small or large, narrow or wide, there are millions of childhood memories buried underneath the sand.

The sandcastles we built, the sand walls we erected to protect us against the incoming tides, the games we played near the shore, the laughs we had while enjoying a light summer meal.

The beach is that place where we're always safe.

Safe from the tumultuous world behind our backs and defended from stormy seas and raging waves.

Is there a better feeling than stepping on hot sand for the first time after a long, rainy, and cold winter season?

Beach, water, and sky: sand strips are one of Nature's finest creations | Photo: Shutterstock

The Celebration of Ephemeral Life

The beach is the ultimate natural ambassador.

It manages the relationship between two of the most powerful elements and adversaries - Earth and Water.

But the beach is always impartial and balances both sides and worlds evenly - sometimes, it's terra firma who dictates the rules; other times, it's the ocean who commands the fate.

An empty beach is like a blank canvas that doesn't need paint.

It's a portrait of peace, tranquility, stillness, and perfect symmetry.

One of the fascinating things about the beach is that it is always beautifully dressed up for any occasion, come rain or shine.

A beach is more than a magical place - it is an experience.

Long strips of sand invite us to take a deep look into our existence while simultaneously teaching us a lesson of humility and gratitude.

A desert allows us to contemplate our insignificance; a beach gives meaning to our ephemeral life.

The soothing effects of the beach and the closeness to the seawater are well known.

Shoreline: the end is the beginning is the end | Photo: Shutterstock

A Sanctuary of Freedom

But beaches are more than that - they're sanctuaries of freedom and the ultimate border between humanworld and waterworld.

To enjoy a long walk on the beach is to embrace reality and dreams at the same time and figure out the outcome of whatever that is.

Throughout the ages, beaches have been open-air temples of celebration - birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and tributes - and timelessness.

Precisely at the center of the following picture lies the Eurasian Pole of Inaccessibility (EPIA).

Eurasian Pole of Inaccessibility (EPIA): the most distant point on Earth from the ocean

It's the most distant point on Earth from the ocean.

Located in the Gurbantünggüt Desert, in the heart of China's Xinjiang region, the spot is 1,644 miles (2,645 kilometers) away from the nearest coastline.

The EPIA is the opposite of a beach. Not better or worse - just dramatically different.

So, it really is all a matter of putting things into perspective and appreciating what has taken thousands and sometimes millions of years to create.

Today, more than ever, it's time to give back and cherish one of Nature's finest creations.

Whether you're at the world's smallest beach (Gulpiyuri Beach, Spain) or the world's largest beach (Praia do Cassino, Brazil), make sure to enjoy it and leave it better than you found it.

Words by Luís MP | Founder of

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