California, August 2014: Hurricane Marie sends a gift to The Wedge | Photo: Red Bull/Corey Wilson

In late August 2014, Hurricane Marie blessed Southern California with a swell that will forever remain in the hearts of local surfers. Joshua Pomer transformed those memories into a film.

It was "A Wedge To Remember," and a surf movie had to be shot. From Newport Point to the Wedge, Malibu to Sandspit, the Hurricane Marie swells impressed wave riders, spectators, and media.

Large perfect waves hit the Californian shores, bringing the sport's prominent VIPs.

Now, you can relive that day from the point of view of the photographers who covered the magic surfing days.

"A Wedge To Remember" features Laird Hamilton, Jaime O'Brien, Keith Malloy, Oliver Kurtz, Rob Machado, Joel Tudor, Laird Hamilton, Allen Sarlo, Kolohe Andino, Danny Kwok, Gabe Venturelli, and many more.

You'll have it all. Surfboard transfers in a giant Wedge, surf legends shooting the Malibu Pier, and heavenly-made barrels at Sandspit.

"A Wedge To Remember - The Swell of the Century," a documentary film by Joshua Pomer, will have its world premiere at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach on November 1st, 2014.

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