Action continues at the 2015 Quiksilver Pro France

October 11, 2015 | Surfing
Mick Fanning: fit to hit | Photo: Pullenot/WSL

The 2015 Quiksilver Pro France has reached Round 4, as thousands of fans flock to Les Guardians and Culs Nus to watch the world's best surfers in action.

Gabriel Medina seems to be ready to defend his 2014 world surfing title. The Brazilian prodigy surfed a near-perfect heat against the Dream Tour veteran CJ Hobgood.

"CJ and I talked about the waves and trying to figure out which were the good ones because we couldn’t see anything with the sun. I don’t know if it’s the last time we’re competing against each other, so I also told him it was an honor to surf against him," said Medina.

Bede Durbidge and fellow countryman Adrian Buchan (AUS) put on one of the best heats of the season. However, Durbidge enjoyed two rides scored above the nine-point bar to claim the clash.

"Ace started off with a bang, and I was down at the total opposite end of the beach, so it made me change strategy right away. The tide filled in, and Ace was onto it, I had to play catch up, but I bagged those two 9's. He made me step my game instantly, and it was good to push me, it was really fun when I got the waves," explained Durbidge.

Kolohe Andino sent Kelly Slater home early. The Californian surfer, who had recently won the Billabong Pro Cascais, used his aerial trumps to move through to Round 4.

"The wave was closing out, and I just wanted to do something big. Before my heat, I was thinking air-reverse would probably be a better option, but I’m glad they scored a big straight air. I thought we couldn’t surf the righthander down the beach where Kelly went, but when I heard he got a good score there, I had to move and join him," concluded Andino

2015 Quiksilver Pro France | Round 4 Matchups

Julian Wilson (AUS), Jadson Andre (BRA), Kolohe Andino (USA)
Italo Ferreira (BRA), Bede Durbidge (AUS), Mick Fanning (AUS)
Adriano De Souza (BRA), John John Florence (HAW), Jeremy Flores (FRA)
Gabriel Medina (BRA), Matt Wilkinson (AUS), Owen Wright (AUS)

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