Adrian Buchan wins the 2013 Billabong Pro Tahiti

August 19, 2013 | Surfing
Adrian Buchan: talented barrel rider

Adrian Buchan has defeated Kelly Slater to claim the 2013 Billabong Pro Tahiti, at Teahupoo.

The Australia surfer showed a perfect technique for deep forehand barrels, including a death-defying righthand barrel in the dying moments of the final against Slater.

"I can't believe it. Kelly is incredible and I thought he snatched it for me at the end. I couldn't go right, but I probably should have. I still can't believe it. It hasn't sunk in", says Buchan.

The solid four-to-six foot (1.5 – 2 metre) waves allowed Buchan's second victory of his eight-year career amongst the world's elite (his first in France over Slater in 2008).

"I knew I had to step it up today. Had to plow through some big names today. Every time I paddled out, I told myself that I only had to catch two waves. That was my mantra through each heat and it worked out well for me", he added.

Kelly Slater is a happy man. Having survived horrific wipeouts, the Floridian moves to the frontrunner spot on the 2013 ASP WCT rankings.

"The waves were really fun today and Ace just happened to get those two gems at the start of the heat. Those two were the ones and I would have preferred a win, but Ace has been in really good form all day and he's a deserving winner", tells Slater.

2013 Billabong Pro Tahiti | Final

1. Adrian Buchan (AUS) 18.94
2. Kelly Slater (USA) 17.90

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