Adriano de Souza signs deal with Corinthians football club

November 30, 2012 | Surfing
Adriano de Souza: the first football surfer

Adriano de Souza has signed a sponsorship deal with Corinthians Sport Club, the famous Brazilian football club.

The surfer known as "Mineirinho" will train on the Parque São Jorge sports center. Adriano de Souza will do specific workouts in the Anderson Silva Academy, club and swimming pools.

"It is an honor to wear the shirt of Corinthians, mainly defending that flag into the sea from now on", Adriano de Souza said. "I have always tried to align myself with big names and brand and Corinthians is one of the largest in the country".

"Also, being a new Corinthians, it is a tremendous honor to defend and club to be a part of worldwide to all my fans and all those who follow the sport".

The Corinthians Sport Club, nicknamed "Timão", is Brazil's most financially-successful sporting club, reporting a current value of 496 million dollars, in 2012. Recently, the club has entered aquatics and Mixed Martial Arts.

"To the Corinthians, having another champion athlete is a massive achievement. The surf, plus a sport, is also a lifestyle. The partnership with Adriano helps take the name of the club to the whole world", added Oldano de Carvalho, director of Aquatics.

This is the first time a football club enters professional surfing as main sponsor.

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