​Adventure IO: the adventure booking app | Photo: AIO

​Adventure IO ​(AIO) is a new smartphone app that enables adventure enthusiasts to book unique outdoor adventures with some of the world's top athletes and local experts.

The mobile technology platform wants to be the world's first and only professional adventure booking app that pairs adventure seekers with professional athletes.

Whether it's mountain biking with a Red Bull Rampage athlete, wakeboarding with a legendary pro rider, or going to surf at a private point break with limited accessibility, users can easily book guided adventures with their favorite athletes, brands, retailers, and hotels.

The goal is to provide one-of-a-kind experiences around the globe or in your backyard.

Users are able to refine their experience based on activities they love, regions they'll be traveling to, favorite pro athletes and brands, dates, and more.

In other words, extreme sports enthusiasts can now ride and learn with wakeboarders and wakesurfers Parks Bonifay (Clermont, Florida), Brian Grubb (Orlando, Florida), and Shaun Murray (Orlando, Florida).

But they can also go kiteboarding with Sam Light (UK), try new skateboarding tricks with Elliot Sloan, and ride a mountain bike with Darren Berrecloth and Michal Kollbek.

The List of Athletes is Expanding

The roster of professional athletes featured in AIO is rapidly expanding and being added daily.

Each adventure includes a detailed description of what to expect, reviews from other users, photo galleries, and the ability to connect directly with the expert guide.

In many cases, ​the adventure will be led by a professional athlete, providing users with a level of access not found anywhere else.

The booking process is seamless and secure, with the entire transaction taking place within the innovative AIO platform.

"'We're extremely excited to have brought together such a talented group of athletes and an experienced group of advisors to support our mission of helping global adventure seekers find and book unique outdoor adventures with the 'world's best professional guides," notes Billy McKee, founder of AIO.

AIO plans to transform the adventure booking market. The app is ​currently available for iOS in the App Store, with the Android version set to release in August 2019.

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