Age of Summer: 12 teenagers train and breathe beach life as aspiring members of the South Bay Lifeguards

What happens when a determined teenage boy struggles to find acceptance within the Junior Lifeguards while managing relationships and embracing challenges in the summer of 1986?

The answer is in "Age of Summer," an 89-minute feature film shot locally in the South Bay area of Los Angeles over 28 days, more precisely at Rat Beach, Hermosa, Palos Verdes, and Manhattan Beach.

The movie, directed by Bill Kiely, encapsulates the California surf and skate lifestyle in the 1980s, and for those who grew up then - it will bring back fond memories.

Summer can be an emotional challenge, especially when you're an aspiring adolescent lifeguard surrounded by pretty girls and competitive peers.

"Age of Summer" brings back the colors, the clothes, and the surfboards that made the 1980s such an intense and unforgettable decade.

Witness how 12 junior members of the South Bay Lifeguards train and breathe beach life.

Kiely wanted that the surfing was authentic and he ensured the actors could surf. Lead actress Charlotte Sabina is a local in Manhattan Beach and very involved with the surfing community.

She is a volunteer surf instructor for Wounded Warriors and Veterans and even organizes local events with the objective of getting more girls involved in the sport.

The coming-of-age drama also stars Percy Hynes White, Peter Stormare, Jake Ryan, and Bryana Alicia Salaz and will hit select theatres on September 7, 2018.

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