Agua de Surf launches first surf-inspired fragrance

November 15, 2018 | Surfing
23NAO: the first fragrance by Agua de Surf | Photo: Agua de Surf

Two entrepreneurs launched 23NAO, the first author's perfume inspired by surfing, waves and the force of nature.

Idil Bazán and Marc Conca, founders of Barcelona's Surfcity Festival, decided to materialize their passion for the sea in a new fragrance aimed at conveying the sensations experienced when riding the waves.

23NAO (North Atlantic Ocean) is the first product released under the Agua de Surf umbrella. The duo spent three years developing the brand and the debut fragrance.

23NAO is the first of a unique collection inspired by the most representative oceanic regions of the surfing world.

"It is a unisex perfume that evokes the irrational immensity of the seas reaching out to the coasts incessantly. Two worlds that converge with the salty aromas trapped by the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the terrestrial breeze that caresses its vegetation," underline Bazán and Conca.

"23NAO is an ode to the sea, a perfume born out of experiences lived around the world in search of waves."

Agua de Surf: the new perfume brand by Idil Bazán and Marc Conca | Photo: Agua de Surf

Curated by a Master Perfumer

The new surf-inspired perfume was created using natural molecular ingredients from the North Atlantic Ocean, and curated by the prestigious perfumer Ramón Monegal.

Each unit was made, one by one, including the cap and the packaging, to make each bottle as unique as an ocean wave.

Idil and Marc have relied on the master perfumer's nose to capture all his experience and passion for the sea in the aromas of this new fragrance.

Monegal, the fourth generation of the founders of Myrurgia, belongs to the eclectic group of the most important perfumers in Spain.

The upcoming fragrances that will complete the collection are 61SPO (South Pacific Ocean), 45IO (Indian Ocean), 32SAO (South Atlantic Ocean) and 57NPO (North Pacific Ocean).

Agua de Surf developed a packaging that is 100 percent recyclable, using paper from forests managed responsibly. In addition, the company allocates 1 percent of its profits to the foundation for the Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals (CRAM).

23NAO: curated by Ramón Monegal | Photo: Agua de Surf

23NAO | The Olfactory Notes

Oceanic gray amber
Sea breeze
Black pepper
Oud wood
Amber wood
Cypriol with salvia sclarea

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