Ahina and Cazimero claim the 2015 Hawaii Surfing Championship

November 2, 2015 | Surfing
Nelson Ahina: longboard master at the 2015 Hawaii Surfing Championship | Photo: Scary Blanket Productions

Nelson Ahina and Kekoa Cazimero have been crowned winners of the 2015 Hawaii Surfing Championship.

The final event of the season kicked off at Full Point, in Sandy Beach. The competition moved to Half Point, as conditions started improving gradually throughout the day.

Longboarders and shortboard riders took the most out of the crazy right and left barrels. Local star Kekoa Cazimero found a backdoor tube, got a Perfect 10 for the ride, and won his division.

In the longboard division, Nelson Ahina went for a superman air, controlled the peak and took out the event.

Isaiah Moniz was awarded the Jeff "Mana" Walthall Award for his mana and aloha. The 2015 Hawaii Surfing Championship had two stages: Ala Moana Bowls and Sandy Beach. The Queens event was cancelled due to poor wave conditions.

2015 Hawaii Surfing Championship | Sandy Beach Results

1. Kekoa Cazimero
2. Kainoa Haas
3. Kaito Kino
4. Isaiah Moniz

1. Nelson Ahina III
2. Makamae Desoto
3. Kai Sallas
4. Scotty Fong Jr.

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