Airships enter modern 3D surf movies

November 26, 2011 | Surfing
Soulcam Airship: better than the Hindenburg zeppelin that crashed

Surfing is becoming a global spectacle. We've seen a night surfing show with LED surfboards and also watched Bruce Irons taking on flare surfing in the dark. What comes next?

This time, airships have entered the world of wave riding. The French surfing community is stoked with the production of the upcoming surf movie.

"Swell Lovers" features the O'Neill team riders Amandine Sanchez, Damien Castera, Tome and Nelson Cloarec, Stéphane Iralour, Titouan Desffarges being filmed by a portable dirigible up in the sky.

"Swell Lovers" follows the evolution of surfers on the waves of Parlementia, in Guéthary, in the French Basque Country coast. The "Soulcam" airship is capturing 3D footage that actually puts the surf movie spectator in the heart of the wave.

The new airship is 14 meters long and can reach an altitude of 150 meters. With four electric motors, the "Soulcam" is radio-controlled from the ground. Its motors are battery operated and the structure holds HD cameras.

"Swell Lovers" promises unique surfing frames and it is the result of a partnership between O'Neill and Orange.