Alana Blanchard: surfer, model and business women | Photo: Rip Curl

Alana Blanchard is ready to embark on a new business project. The surfer from Kauai decided to open a high-fashion action sports agency for male and female surfers.

Opportunities are right around the corner. Alana Blanchard is one of the most successful surfer models in the world.

With over three million followers on social networks, her image sells bikinis and all beach-and-sun-related products and services.

Now, she has no time to lose. The Hawaiian bombshell understood there was a missing link in the surf industry market and decided to put on the executive blazer.

"My surf modeling agency will be called 'The Surf Look.' I'll be hiring good-looking boys and girls, men and women. Our headquarters will be located in Malibu, California. I am sure we'll fill a gap in the market," Blanchard tells

Alana Blanchard: yes, she surfs too | Photo: Cestari/ASP

"Basically, there are hundreds of multinational brands - from telecommunication companies to fast-food networks - willing to hire fresh new faces that can be commercially attractive and also pass on a very particular lifestyle with millions of consumers."

Blanchard says, "Surfing sells." However, she underlines that the plan is to keep the sport's spirit sacred. "No, you won't get surfers ordering pizza inside the barrel with 'The Surf Look.'"

The agency's first surfer models are Kelly Slater, Bruce Irons, Mick Fanning, Leonardo Fioravanti, Jeremy Flores, Filipe Toledo, Stephanie Gilmore, Laura Enever, Nikki Van Dijk, Johanne Defay, and Alessa Quizon.

What about herself? Will Alana Blanchard step on the catwalk? "Well, honestly, I've already been invited more than once, so I guess it will be pretty inevitable. But I won't get extra cash for being the boss!"

"The Surf Look" by Alana Blanchard will be open for business by April 1, 2016.

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