Alessandro Piu opens the book of Italian surfing

April 2, 2012 | Surfing
Alessandro Piu: he carries the Italian surfing flag in the world

Italy may not be the first choice if you're on a surf travel experience, but riding waves is clearly not impossible in the land of pizza and fashion.

"One Hundred and Twenty Months" is newest surf movie by Alessandro Piu, Italian surfing champion and the only national surfer competing in the world circuit.

Piu created a masterpiece of Italian waves. Although Sardegna isn't known for its surfing possibilities, this movie will change people's minds. Watch the surf movie trailer for "One Hundred and Twenty Months".

The film is all about surfing in the Mediterranean and the lifestyle and nature that comes with it. More than just a glimpse of surfing "One Hundred and Twenty Months" opens up the Med and all of its delights.

From the heavy barrels to the solid beach breaks, the film really gets to grips with surfing Italiano style. Throughout the movie Alessandro shows his commitment to the environment and amazing shots of Sardegna’s beautiful scenery.

With never-before seen places, and one surfer contributing with his passion and athleticism, "One Hundred and Twenty Months" shows you an other point of view of the reality, to find a fair life.