Alex Zirke tames La Vaca XXL 2015

December 10, 2015 | Surfing
La Vaca XXL 2015: big waves, spectacular performances | Photo: La Vaca XXL

Alexander Zirke has claimed La Vaca XXL Invitational 2015, in the north of Spain. Thousands of spectators watched the "giant cow" generate 20-foot waves over a deep rocky seabed.

The Cantabrian surf break attracted 32 riders from all over the world, including international wave hunters Eric Rebiere, and Tom Butler. In over five hours of death-defying rides, there were a few dangerous wipeouts.

All eight finalists knew what to expect. Some sets were hitting the 26-foot mark (eight meters) and, as a result, boards ended up broken and floating in front of the high cliffs.

"I am super happy! I still don't believe I have won 'La Vaca.' Thank you everyone for your message and phone calls, especially the organizers, the jet ski team, and the doctors," stated Zirke.

"La Vaca" was hungry, but Alex Zirke showed he had the skills to tame the beast with a couple of powerful left-handers. Butler, who finished runner-up, went through a few scary moments.

"The event was perfect. The waves kicked off with seven meters, got smaller to six meters, and then came back stronger for the final. The overall level was really good, and Tom Butler kept his cold blood in front of the rocks before the jet ski pulled him out," underlines Jesús Fiochi, director of La Vaca XXL.

La Vaca XXL Invitational 2015 | Final

1. Alexander Zirke
2. Tom Butler
3. Adur Letamendia
4. Miguel Welsh
5. Eric Rebiere / Indar Unanue
7. Asier Muniain
8. David Le Boulch

Best Cantabrian: Miguel Welsh
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