Annaba: an Algerian surfing treasure

Algeria is the 85th member nation of the International Surfing Association (ISA).

The ISA is growing. With 13 member nations in Africa, the governing body for the sport of surfing keeps attracting enthusiasts to wave riding.

Algeria offers over 1,100 miles of stunning coastline, much of which is still unexplored by surfers. It is the largest country in Africa by area and the largest country along the Mediterranean coast.

The best months for surfing in Algeria are November and December, when the Mistral northerly winds blow across the Mediterranean and create solid swells along the coast of Northern Africa.

Spots like the town of Annaba, where the Djazair Surf Club (1999) is headquartered, receive the most consistent Mistral generated swells, but there are also dozens of points and beach breaks along the coast, which may take more navigating to explore.

"We are excited to grow our club, our own surfing potential, and help more surfers from all over the globe explore our amazing waves," says B. Amine, founder of the Djazair Surf Club.

"Becoming an ISA member will help us develop the surf club, get tools to offer surf lessons to locals, and help spread the sport to more members of our country."

"Moreover, joining the ISA will also help us make surfing and our own country's magical coastline more accessible to surfers from around the globe, allowing for more surf tourism and the sharing of cultures."

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