Ocean waves: pure natural energy in motion | Photo: Shutterstock

An ocean wave is a miracle. It's an inimitable, magical, and singular creation that, despite being short-lived, changes all living beings.

Waves are like humans.

Each one of them was, is, and will be a unique, exclusive, and unrepeatable entity.

They can be unstable, violent, and chaotic but also delicate, gentle, kind, and smooth like us. Waves defy us constantly and inevitably but also soothe our minds.

They're an unsolvable paradox that is comparable to our own behavior.

A wave has a beginning, a middle, and an end, just like any human.

Waves, alongside mayflies, have the shortest lifespan on the planet - they enjoy their existence for 24 hours or less.

A wave's mission is to travel and change the space where it moves, from birth to death.

Just because a wave crashes and disappears doesn't mean it doesn't have a purpose.

Waves are like ants.

They work together brilliantly to bring joy, entertainment, beauty, destruction, and chaos and eventually shape the world's coastlines.

Their relentless drive always leads them toward their goals. In fact, a wave never fails to accomplish its mission.

It is rather poetic that a highly moving, palpable, and malleable fluid like a wave is the result of a perfect marriage between an invisible flow of gases and large areas of stagnant water.

Each wave has its idiosyncratic personality.

A wave is a temporally undulating event with a non-human temperament, character, and identity.

Waves: an undulating army coming from the horizon toward the shore | Photo: Shutterstock

Traveling Souls

Waves are traveling souls that never give up until they fulfill their ultimate dream.

Never judge a wave by its size - a small plunging wave could be more dangerous and powerful than a big spilling wave.

A wave sees no boundaries, nations, or latitudes - its destiny is to meet a coastline.

The breaking of a wave might be the end of its life cycle, but its liquid matter returns to the ocean after a brief encounter with the shoreline.

You can't stop even the smallest ocean wave. An ocean wave is pure natural energy in motion.

Only Nature can control the purpose and creation of a wave.

An ocean without waves is like a river without its flow or a tsunami, as rare as green sand beaches.

A set of waves resemble an army coming from the horizon toward the shore.

Swells are the battalions of the seas with their low-ranked soldiers in the front line and the generals commanding the troops from behind.

In Greek mythology, waves were horses with white crests resembling manes.

If the four elements were to be represented, lava would be fire, soil would be earth, wind would be air, and a wave would be water.

You can't take a wave from the ocean, but you can take the ocean out of a wave.

A wave has no gender - it exists by itself, in its own natural categorization.

A wave is as rhythmic as a gymnast or dancer but as unpredictable as lightning and rainbows.

A wave is a metaphor for our life - it has its ups and downs, and it is really only relevant to ourselves and to those who care about us.

Words by Luís MP | Founder of SurferToday.com

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