Anastasia Ashley and Austin Keen: wakesurfing in Miami

Austin Keen is known for his talented and highly creative skimboarding skills. But he is also a keen wakesurfer.

There's nothing he can't do behind a wake boat. As a result, the California waterman launched his own Austin Keen's Celebrity Surf Series.

This time, he invited Anastasia Ashley for a ride in Miami.

The sometimes controversial surfer girl and model started riding waves when she was only six years old.

Since then, Ashley has won dozens of amateur events and, at 16, the prestigious NSSA Championship. In 2010, the Californian conquered the Pipeline Women's Pro.

Raising Awareness for Women's Surfing

After several years without exposure, publicity, and sponsors to pay the bills, Anastasia Ashley developed her social media strategies.

It all started with the twerking warm-up routine at the 2013 Supergirl Pro and progressed to several successful online endorsements.

Today, Ashley shapes her own destiny.

And she rips, even as a first-time wakesurfer. Keen says, "She dances on water. She's very elegant."

Anastasia Ashley's wakesurfing baptism was a success. She quickly adapted to the artificially generated wave and started hitting the lip.

"I feel that I had to ride a little bit more back. I don't know if I was afraid of hitting the boat or because I felt I had to generate more speed," explained Ashley.

The Miami wakesurfing session is enjoyable to watch. And you couldn't ask for a better coach.

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