Andrew Cotton rides bomb to propel British big wave reputation

October 28, 2013 | Surfing
Andrew Cotton: the Queen will be proud | Photo: Bruno Aleixo

Andrew Cotton has been cementing a big wave surfing reputation in the Nazaré arena. His time is now.

"Darling, Just read journal of your monster wave this morning. Thrilled to bits and very proud. Well done. Keep safe as we have a new washing machine that needs plumbing in! Loads of Love, Mum & Dad".

Andrew Cotton's parents need a helping hand, but their son only needed courage and experience to solve a harder task, at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal.

In fact, the surfer from Croyde, 34, will be battling with Carlos Burle for the biggest wave of the 2013/2014 XXL season, so far.

Cotton rode a giant bomb in Nazaré, amidst the dramatic rescue of Maya Gabeira and Burle's revenge wave. There's a potentially world record breaking wave for England in the making.

"Everyone wants to put figures on it, there were definitely 80-foot waves there today, some even bigger, it was ridiculous, everyone got huge waves today, it was frightening out there", says Cotton.

"It's a really dangerous place because it's not a point break or a headland, it's a beach, so there's no way round and if you fall you're left swimming in 60-foot white water".

Andrew Cotton and Garrett McNamara have been sharing the passion for Nazaré in the last years, and have teamed up to catch the greatest waves of all time in the iconic Portuguese spot.

He was responsible for towing the Hawaiian into the Guinness World Record, in 2011.