Andy Irons' autopsy report delayed until May

December 29, 2010 | Surfing
Andy Irons: everything will be alright, mate

Andy Irons' autopsy report will not be released until the 20th of May.

The Texas court approved Lyndie Irons' petition to delay it, as "intense news frenzy" and "innuendo of drug use" might detract the husband's right to respect.

Also, Lyndie believes delaying the autopsy findings will allow more accurate research and report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Andy Irons is a winning brand. The pro surfer was a great competitor, an incredible family man, and a joyful friend. disagrees with the public release of the autopsy report and won't publish any final result.

Andy and his family have the right to privacy and respect for their memories and lives, and that type of information doesn't add anything to his legacy.

The 32-year-old surfer has lost his life on the 2nd November, in a hotel room near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Andy was fighting against dengue fever and was recovering to get back to Hawaii.

The Andy Irons Trust Fund has been set up to support widow Lyndie Irons and infant son Andy Axel Irons.