Antoine Delpero crowned 2015 European Longboard champion

September 21, 2015 | Surfing
Antoine Delpero: hanging five at Vieux Boucau | Photo: WSL

Antoine Delpero and Alice Lemoigne have been crowned the 2015 European Longboard champions, at Vieux Boucau, in France.

Delpero defeated Timothee Creignou in the final heat of the Longboard Pro Vieux Boucau and overtook brother Edouard in the rankings to win the overall title.

"I'm super happy; that was a dream final against my good friend Tim. I wish it could have been against Edouard, but that's how it goes. Conditions today were absolutely perfect for longboarding, and we all were able to display our best surfing out there. I'm stoked to clinch the European title as well, I had a lot of fun today," said Antoine Delpero.

On the women's side, Alice Lemoigne lost in the semifinals and had to watch Victoria Vergara beat Justine Mauvin in the decisive heat. The surfer from Reunion Island celebrated the European title; the French longboarder celebrated the event win.

"I'm super happy to win here. Waves were really fun, and I surfed with one of my best friends. We had a lot of fun; I gave everything I had and was a little bit lucky. It's cool to surf here with friends and family being able to come support and watch us perform," underlined Vergara.

Antoine and Edouard Delpero, Timothee Creignou, Ben Skinner, Adam Griffiths, Vergara, Mauvin, Alice Lemoigne and Lucie Milochau will represent the Old Continent in the World Longboard Championships, in China.

Longboard Pro Vieux Boucau | Finals

1. Antoine Delpero (FRA) 18.13
2. Timothee Creignou (FRA) 15.40

1. Victoria Vergara (FRA) 15.97
2. Justine Mauvin (REU) 15.44

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