Aritz Aranburu wins 2011 Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro

September 19, 2011 | Surfing
Aritz Aranburu: watch the rocky cliff

Aritz Aranburu has conquered the 2011 Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro after taking down Santiago Muniz, from Argentina, in a low scoring tactical final where wave selection proved crucial, 13.67 to 8.93, in tough wind affected 5-6ft waves. The main event site at Pantin proved to be a great surfing venue and a solid surf spot for future high-level contests.

Aranburu gained the advantage halfway through the matchup with a series of critical backhand turns to claim a solid 7.17 out of 10. His backup score on a short right was all that was needed to distance himself from Muniz and claim the victory.

“I am very happy right now. At the end of the final I was dead with no strength left in my arms but it is great right now. Everything went well in the Final for me even though it wasn’t like in the semis or the previous heats", said the Spaniard.

"It was a difficult day for waves and you had to paddle back to the peak many times so the last heat was really tough but it was worth it and I am stoked.”

Aranburu, who went ballistic in his semi-final against Glen Hall with two savage rights to claim the highest combined heat total of the event, 16.84 out of 20, was able to maintain his rhythm in the final and assert his experience over his younger rival.

“At the beginning I went over to the right again but I saw that it had a lot of current running through it and it looked a bit strange so I went over to the other side and the decision worked out well for sure. In the end I couldn’t do anything more. I was so tired and when I had to paddle back out my arms had no strength at all.”

Muniz, younger brother of elite ASP World Tour member Alejo Muniz and surfing under the Argentinean flag, claimed his best career result with his runner-up finish. Muniz was on fire throughout the morning advancing through Round Five to then comfortably proceed through the man-on-man format to the final where he struggled to find any decent scoring rides.

“I am really pleased with this result. It is really good for me. I would have liked to have won like any other competitor would want but really I am happy right now. I am happy for Aritz, he is a great competitor and I love Pantin and I want to return here always.”

Muniz, one of the best up-and-comers on the junior circuit, made it look easy in the heavy seas with clean flowing turns and variety of innovative manoeuvres to build modest totals however enough to beat his competitors.

The explosive natural-footer now moves on the upcoming ASP World Junior event in Bali, Indonesia where he will take added confidence gained in Pantin.

“I’m dead. We had many heats to surf today and at 30-minutes we had lots of time in the water with lots of waves. I am tired but I am still happy. My good boards broke before I came to this contest and they were smaller and for doing aerials. This big board I have now is a lot bigger and for here it was perfect and I am very happy with it".

"Now I have the World Pro Junior in Bali next week and right now I am going to enjoy this result and then start to focus on the next event which is very important for me.”

Hawaiian sensation Malia Manuel has won Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Women’s Pro defeating Courtney Conlogue.

Manuel, who is hovering on the verge of qualifying for the 2012 ASP Women’s World Tour, jumped out of the starting blocks in the 35-minute Final with a solid 7.83 out of 10 to take an early head start which was later overtaken by Conlogue. At the midway mark Manuel found her backup score with a combination of forehand hacks to secure an excellent 8.93 and a lead which proved sufficient to win.

“I am so happy. I couldn’t believe the luck I had throughout the event and everything coming together and pulling through for me in this contest. It is my first final for a long time on the Star tour and my first final of the year so I’m very thrilled and so happy everything went my way", said Malia.

"I was nervous because Courtney can easily get a 9 and she is a great competitor. She has been in every final this year so to come out on top is really satisfying.”

Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro 2011 | Final

Aritz Aranburu (EUK) 13.67 Def. Santiago Muniz (ARG) 8.93

Malia Manuel (HAW) 16.76 Def. Courtney Conlogue (USA) 14.34

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