Artwork featuring Jack O'Neill raises funds for charity

November 19, 2012 | Surfing
Jack O'Neill: the art of pioneering

Artwork featuring the iconic Jack O'Neill will be auctioned online at, on the 28th November. Proceeds of all sales are to be distributed evenly to six charities.

The featured artworks are by renowned artists Thomas Campbell, Geoff McFetridge, Liam Gerrard, Jim Phillips Jnr, Tim Chapman and Mark Penxa.

"For me, Jack's face is the O'Neill brand. He is genuine, sincere and he broke himself for what he loves it is all right there for everyone to see and that is why the level of success has been so high for him and his company", explains Mark Penxa.

"He wasn't too difficult to draw. I had always wanted to paint a portrait of him and was just looking for a reason. I had it worked out pretty well in my head but, it was more fun for me to finally work on than anything and those are always the best projects to work on".

Funds raised at the auction will be channeled to O'Neill Sea Odyssey, Japan Tsunami Appeal, Surf Aid, Protect Our Winters, Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and South Africa's Umthombo.

Jack O'Neill, 89, has lead a life of innovation and discovery. All from a simple notion of just wanting to surf longer, he became a true non conformist waterman and adventurer, in every sense.

From developing the first wetsuit, the first surf shop, to hot air ballooning, surfing, sailing, and creating a global brand. The surfing world owes a lot to Jack.

Surf brand O'Neill is concluding its highly successful global art tour revolving around one of the surf industry's incredible pioneers. Jack and his family have already visited the final Santa Cruz exhibition.

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