Australia clinches the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship

September 11, 2017 | Surfing
Shakira Westdorp: she won the Women's SUP Surfing division | Photo: Reed/ISA

Australia won 6 out of the 13 gold medals at stake in the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship, held in Copenhagen and Cold Hawaii, in Denmark.

The Australian athletes conquered the SUP Surfing (Women), Prone Distance Race (Men and Women), Paddleboard Technical (Men and Women), and Team Relay Race divisions.

As a result, the Aussie team claimed the overall 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship title, their fifth in six editions.

"We showed our dominance from start to finish. Our whole team put in so much work, and I think we deserved this. Winning Gold is what we come here for," expressed Shakira Westdorp, captain for Team Australia.

"This time around was definitely our most hard-fought team gold. There was so much high competition from other countries. It's awesome to see the growth of SUP and  paddleboarding."

The event attracted more than 450 athletes from 42 countries. Fernando Aguerre, president of the International Surfing Association, was delighted with the Danish organization.

"I want to thank the organizers, volunteers, and everyone who made this recording-breaking edition of the event possible. We got everything this week: wind, waves, rain, and sun," concluded Aguerre.

Final Team Standings | Top 10

1. Australia
2. France
3. New Zealand
4. Hawaii
5. United States of America
6. Brazil
7. Denmark
8. Italy
9. Japan
10. South Africa

2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship | Division Medals

Men's SUP Surfing
Gold: Luiz Diniz (BRA)
Silver: Harry Maskell (AUS)
Bronze: Benoit Carpentier (FRA)
Copper: Mo Freitas (HAW)

Women's SUP Surfing
Gold: Shakira Westdorp (AUS)
Silver: Justine Dupont (FRA)
Bronze: Emmy Merrill (USA)
Copper: Aline Adisaka (BRA)

Men's SUP Technical Race
Gold: Mo Freitas (HAW)
Silver: Connor Baxter (HAW)
Bronze: Casper Steinfath (DEN)
Copper: Bruno Hasulyo (HUN)

Women's SUP Technical Race
Gold: Annabel Anderson (NZL)
Silver: Olivia Piana (FRA)
Bronze: Terrene Black (AUS)
Copper: Fiona Wylde (USA)

Men's SUP Distance Race
Gold: Bruno Hasulyo (HUN)
Silver: Connor Baxter (HAW)
Bronze: Titouan Puyo (FRA)
Copper: Dániel Hasulyo (HUN)

Women's SUP Distance Race
Gold: Annabel Anderson (NZL)
Silver: Sonni Hönscheid (GER)
Bronze: Olivia Piana (FRA)
Copper: Fiona Wylde (USA)

Men's Prone Distance Race
Gold: Lachie Landsdown (AUS)
Silver: Sam Shergold (NZL)
Bronze: Bart Schade (USA) Copper: Jack Coop (ENG)

Women's Prone Distance Race
Gold: Jordan Mercer (AUS)
Silver: Jessica Miller (NZL)
Bronze: Kathrine Zinck Leth-Espensen (DEN)
Copper: Flora Manciet (FRA)

Men's Paddleboard Technical
Gold: Lachie Lansdown (AUS)
Silver: Sam Shergold (NZL)
Bronze: Julien Lalanne (FRA)
Copper: Bart Schade (USA)

Women's Paddleboard Technical Race
Gold: Jordan Mercer (AUS)
Silver: Jasmine Smith (NZL)
Bronze: Katrine Zinck (DEN)
Copper: Flora Manciet (FRA)

Men's Sprint Race
Gold: Casper Steinfath (DEN)
Silver: Trevor Tunnington (NZL)
Bronze: Arthur Santacreu (BRA)
Copper: Lincoln Dews (AUS)

Women's Sprint Race
Gold: Manca Notar (SLO)
Silver: Amandine Chazot (FRA)
Bronze: Jade Howson (USA)
Copper: Yuka Sato (JPN)

Team Relay Race
Gold: Australia
Silver: France
Bronze: New Zealand
Copper: Denmark

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