AIS Aerial Surf Skate Training Facility: skate more, surf better | Photo: Surfing Australia

Surfing Australia has announced the opening of an innovative AIS Aerial Surf Skate Training Facility.

The new facility is an addition to the Hurley High Performance Centre (HPC) located in Casuarina Beach, New South Wales, and it will help Australian surfers boost and improve their aerial skills.

The indoor equipment consists of a large split level half pipe, and two roll-in elements that simulate the shape of a wave, and provide the surfer with a launch pad to take to the air before landing safely on air bags.

AIS Aerial Surf Skate Training Facility: land your airs in a fluffy bag | Photo: Surfing Australia

"'Skate to Create' project will provide elite Australian surfers with the opportunity to practice aerial maneuvers in a controlled environment by training on a purpose-built skate ramp," explains Matt Favier, director of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

"The project will see coaches and athletes pushing performance boundaries and ultimately defining the future of the sport. I look forward to seeing the results of the project translate to an even greater performance of our elite surfers."

Will the $300,000 skate ramp designed for surfers help produce new world champions? Learn how to do your first aerial in an oceanic environment.

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