Australia wins Gold at the SUP and Paddleboard World Championship

March 4, 2013 | Surfing
SUP: rivals and friends

The Australian National SUP and Paddlebord Team has conquered nine out of 12 Gold medals, at the 2013 ISA SUP and Paddleboard World Championship, in Lima, Peru.

The final day started with the Women's SUP Surfing where the Brazilian Nicole Pacelli (13.17) achieved the Gold Medal after defeating the Australian Shakira Westdrop (AUS, 12.6), Iballa Ruano (SPA, 10.6) and Caroline Angibaud (FRA, 7.14).

In the Men's SUP Surfing Final, Sean Poynter (USA) had one of the best runs of the whole contest.

In the first wave of the heat, Poynter achieved 9.33 points, the second highest single wave score of the contest adding to his total heat score of 17.83, the highest total heat score of the event.

Poynter received the Hector Velarde E. Men's SUP Surfing Perpetual Trophy. 2012's SUP Surfing Gold Medalist Antoine Delpero fought hard to pass Poynter earning an 8.23 in the last minutes of the heat, but it wasn't enough.

Tamil Martino (PER, 14.00) got the Silver Medal, Delpero (FRA, 13.8) the Bronze and Beau Nixon (AUS, 13.00) the Copper.

The final of the Men's SUP Technical race showed an amazing performance from Denmark's Casper Steinfath. From the beginning of the race, Steinfath took the lead and never looked back.

Steinfath was followed closely by Jamie Mitchell, who caught up to him by riding a four foot wave to the beach from the outside buoy, 300 meters offshore.

As the approached the beach, where they still needed to run across the cobblestone rocks to the finish line, both competitors showed great signs of sportsmanship and camaraderie as they high-fived each other, wishing each other luck before sprinting to the Gold and Silver Medals.

When dismounting his board on the beach, Mitchell tripped on the shore break and fell behind Steinfath, who in Denmark's first ISA event ever, achieved a Gold Medal for the Dannish Team.

The battle for 3rd and 4th place was very close too, but in the sprint to the finish line, South Africa's Dylan Frick beat New Zealand's Paul Jackson awarding him the Bronze Medal and Jackson the Copper Medal.

Australia - 24,140 points, Gold Medal and Club Waikiki-Peru Trophy
South Africa - 17,005 points, Silver Medal
Mexico - 15,119 points, Bronze Medal
Peru - 14,118 points, Copper Medal
Brazil - 13,771 points
France - 13,682 points
Argentina - 12,833 points
Venezuela - 12,287 points
United Kingdom - 10,709 points
Canada - 7,898 points
Spain - 7,108 points
Denmark - 5,755 points
Puerto Rico - 5,446 points
USA - 5,196 points
Chile - 4,919 points
Japan - 4,537 points
New Zealand - 3,560 points
Ireland - 3,240 points
Sweden - 2,860 points
Germany - 2,696 points
Tahiti - 1,850 points
El Salvador - 600 points
Panama - 600 points