Australia's top surfers ride the Intense Surf Challenge

August 1, 2013 | Surfing
Intense Surf Challenge: a digital surf tour competition

The Original Source Intense Surf Challenge is a digital surf tour competition which showcases Australia's top extreme surfing talent.

Fifteen of Australia's top surfers have been invited to compete to become the Intense Surf Challenge winner.

They are Anthony Walsh, Asher Pacey, Brett Burcher, Dean Bowen, Dean Morrison, Jamie Mitchell, Jeff Rowley, Josiah Schmucker, Kerby Brown, Laurie Towner, Marti Paradisis, Richie Vaculik, Riley Laing, Ryan Hipwood and Tyler Hollmer-Cross.

Invited surfer contestants will submit a 30-second short video, each month, for the main competition period which runs between 1st August, 2013 and 31st January, 2014.

Online surf fans will decide the winner of the Intense Surf Challenge. Entrants are permitted to vote for multiple entries but can only vote for each video once.

Surfers' accrued votes from their six clips will count towards the Intense Surf Challenge rankings. The surfer with the highest combined votes at the end of the main competition period is the undisputed champion.

The champion and runner-up will be announced and crowned at the 2014 Australian Surfing Awards in Sydney in February, 2014.

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