Todos Santos Island: you can hear the surf

Bahia de Todos Santos is the new World Surfing Reserve. The iconic break of the Baja Coast was officially dedicated on June 21, 2014.

The World Surfing Reserve in Bahia de Todos Santos will help create the first state park in northern Baja, led by partner organization Pronatura.

The proposed state park will protect six hectares of the critical watershed at Arroyo San Miguel and the sand and cobblestones that create the fabled San Miguel surf spot.

"The community is overwhelmingly excited and honored to receive the World Surfing Reserve designation. We look forward to implementing the Reserve and improving the environmental protection of the region," says Fernando Marvan, president of Surf Ens.

The Todos Santos Bay will be a surf zone that extends from Stacks (south of San Miguel) to Isla Todos Santos - including the famous big-wave break Killers - and to Salsipuedes to the north.

Mexico's surfing history can be traced here, with San Miguel being one of the first waves to be surfed consistently by visiting Southern California surfers beginning in the late 50s.

The San Miguel Surf Club was also Mexico's very first surf club.

Bahia Todos Santos not only provides a playground for surfers but is one of the most unique coastal landscapes in California, with towering cliffs and headlands, islands, natural bays, and points.

It also provides a habitat for a robust coastal and marine ecosystem, including numerous fish, crustaceans, and bird species, and is a migratory stopping point for gray whales.

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