Beater Board: does not include the underwater lady

The Beater mania is conquering new surf fans with its retro, portable design. Meet the 4'6'' surfboard that looks like a bread toast.

At Catch Surf, the producers of the Beater Original, they say the board is ready to "take over the world."

Made to be enjoyed as a surfboard, bodyboard, or skimboard, the Beater "can turn an average beach day into an epic tale of radness."

The Beater is available in 1980s colors - lettuce green, pop yellow, pink-red, turquoise, water blue, and purple.

With three fin setup options - finless, single fin, and twin fin - the Beater boys and girls can easily get over the blackball summer season when surfboards are not allowed in the swim zone.

The Beatermania is here to stay. Pro surfers have been caught driving these colorful gems in small surf.

In the end, they'll throw you a smile to avoid misinterpretations and kook captions in the snapshots.

Taj Burrow: he loves his Beater board

The Funnest Board

The Original 54" Twin Fin is a must-have.

The new models have been improved and are definitely stronger, lighter, and water-resistant.

Add dual maple-ply wood stringers, channels, and a thicker bottom slick for the stiffest and most durable Beater ever.

The Beater demands wax and easily fits in the car trunk. One day, we'll see this Polyethylene legend in the 12-foot Pipeline barrels.

Taj Burrow, Jamie O'Brien, Josh Kerr, Keanu Asing, and Kalani Robb are already shredding with these galactic guns.

Get the Original 54" Twin Fin Beater Board.

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