Bethany Hamilton: surfing the biggest wave of her life | Photo: Lieber Films

Bethany Hamilton has ridden 40-foot waves at Jaws in Hawaii seven months after giving birth to her son Tobias.

Twelve years after losing her left arm in a tiger shark attack at Tunnels Beach, Kauai, Hamilton says he caught the biggest wave of her life and career in Peahi's infamous surf break.

The 25-year-old surf star was towed into huge waves as her husband and father watched from a boat. It was not her debut at Jaws. Bethany Hamilton surfed a single wave here when she was just 18.

"I've always had a passion for surfing big waves and pushing my ability, and today, that's what I got to do. It's an amazing feeling to be surrounded by people I love, who support and believe in my ability," Hamilton wrote.

Bethany Hamilton: a goofy-footer in a right-hand monster | Photo: Lieber Films

"Huge mahalo to my hubby, dad, babysitter, and everyone in the water. I'm beyond stoked and so very thankful! I just got the heaviest, biggest wave of my life."

The Hawaiian goofy-footer has been training to get back in shape since Tobias was born. She is also shooting "Surfs Like a Girl," a biopic that documents her incredible life story.

DK Walsh says Hamilton surfed the wave of the day at Jaws. Is Bethany warming up to become the next female star in professional big wave surfing?

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