Bethany Hamilton wins 2014 Pipeline Women's Pro

March 21, 2014 | Surfing
Bethany Hamilton: first victory in 10 years

Bethany Hamilton has conquered the Surf N Sea Pipeline Women's Pro 2014, at Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii.

Bethany Hamilton was on fire and fully deserved victory, in three-to-five foot wave faces on offer at the Hawaiian surfing capital.

The 24-year-old surfer claimed the first event title in 10 years. The final heat saw four surfer girls in action - Moana Jones, Sayuri Hashimoto, Dax McGill and Hamilton.

Hashimoto kept her sights on some good Backdoor waves and was consistent taking a third place overall. McGill struggled to find waves and ended up in fourth behind the surprise Japanese surfer.

Jones and Hamilton were killing it. Moana found a good cover up on a left and a decent right. It was Hamilton, though, that took charge taking lefts and rights and throwing giant turns with conviction.

"It was fun, it wasn't exactly Pipe but better than most spots around the world that I surf. I usually lose, so this was great," reveals Bethany Hamilton.

"In my first heat, I got a little barrel, and I wasn't even expecting it, but I always keep my eye out because you never know out here, and I kind of tucked in and I made it out and that was a pleasant surprise."

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