Bianca Valenti: the winning wave ridden at Puerto Escondido | Photo: Edwin Morales

Bianca Valenti has taken out the inaugural Puerto Escondido Cup in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The event organized by Surf Open League (SOL) Mexico, Gary Linden, and Shannon Quirk was hailed as Latin America's first-ever big wave contest for female surfers.

But it also had men competing in the firing barrels of Puerto Escondido. Despite the tide changes, the occasional closeouts, and heavy wipeouts, the contest was a huge success.

"I was so freaking excited. Not having a hundred guys out and taking any wave I wanted, I was like frothing. I am proud of all the girls. They were charging," said Keala Kennelly, who finished third.

When the offshore winds met the big swells, there was plenty of tube-riding action. In the end, it was Bianca Valenti who took the top honors at the infamous Mexican beach break.

The 2018 Puerto Escondido Cup got underway in 20-to-30-foot waves. For many, it was a historic day for women's big wave surfing.

"I was in this mindset of like: 'I'm using so much energy.' And then I went: 'This is so fun. I love this; I live for this.' We're all in this together. Women up!" added the event winner.

Although not considered and listed as a specialty event by the World Surf League (WSL), the pro surfing organization supported the contest.

2018 Puerto Escondido Cup | Results

1. Bianca Valenti
2. Isabelle Leonhardt
3. Keala Kennelly
4. Raquel Heckert
5. Emi Erickson
6. Polly Ralda

1. Lucas Chianca
2. Jimel Corzo
3. Angelo Lozano
4. Sasha Donnanno
5. Jafet Ramos
6. Jojo Roper

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