Big surf opens the 2014 Reef Hawaiian Pro

November 13, 2014 | Surfing
Bino Lopes: bottom-turn or die | Photo: ASP/Ed Sloane

The 2014 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is on. Waves peaking at 25 feet opened the Reef Hawaiian Pro, at Haleiwa, Hawaii. The locals dominated Round 1.

Ezekiel Lau, 20, was a standout surfer of the day. The Hawaiian was able to steal the highest heat score of the day - 18.53 points out of a possible 20 - with his huge drops, and a stealthy barrel.

"At first I started off slow, I just wanted to feel it out. But then I was like, 'alright, let's do this! Let's sit outside, get a bomb and make this happen'," explains Lau.

"When I get ready to surf in Hawaii I watch the old school videos of Sunny, Andy and Bruce, and Kelly out here. It's ridiculous. They had these huge boards and would throw them around in huge waves, and that was my inspiration growing up."

In fact, Billy Kemper, Pancho Sullivan, Olamana Eleogram, Jamie O'Brien and Lau secured the top five highest single-wave scores and top four heat totals. Quite impressive.

Krystian Kymerson, from Brazil, survived the power of the closing out sets and the inner experience of six-time Vans Triple Crown champion Sunny Garcia.

"The waves are really big and it's very difficult to position yourself. Having Sunny out there... he is like an idol for me, and it was very nice to surf with him. I've always looked up to him growing up surfing, and I'm just happy to make my heat and make it to the next round," concluded Kymerson.

2014 Reef Hawaiian Pro | Round 1

Heat 1: Joel Centeio (HAW) 12.33pts ; Ian Walsh (HAW) 11.67pts ; Vincent Duvignac (FRA) 11.43pts ; Tom Whitaker (AUS) 7.70pts
Heat 2: Bino Lopez (BRA) 12.37pts ; Gavin Gillette (HAW) 11.26pts ; Imaikalani Devault (HAW) 10.97pts ; Mitch Coleborn (AUS) 10.90pts
Heat 3: Brent Dorrington (AUS) 11.37pts ; Dusty Payne (HAW) 10.83pts ; Kanoa Igarashi (USA) 6.03pts ; Danny Fuller (HAW) 4.46pts
Heat 4: Krystian Kymerson (BRA) 11.76pts ; Sunny Garcia (HAW) 5.23pts ; Chris Ward (USA) 4.53pts ; Dylan Goodale (HAW) 3.03pts
Heat 5: Billy Kemper (HAW) 15.83pts ; Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR) 8.33pts ; Kai Barger (HAW) 6.10pts; Perth Standlick (AUS) 1.76pts
Heat 6: Ezekiel Lau (HAW) 18.53pts ; Ian Gentil (HAW) 12.33pts ; Reef McIntosh (HAW) 10.93; Conner O'Leary (AUS) 8.00pts
Heat 7: Jamie O'Brien (HAW) 14.70pts ; Damien Hobgood (USA) 13.94pts ; Thomas Woods (AUS) 13.67pts ; Olamana Eleogram (HAW) 10.00pts
Heat 8: Marco Fernandez (BRA) 14.03pts ; Joshua Moniz (HAW) 13.97pts ; Kiron Jabour (HAW) 12.90pts ; Makai McNamara (HAW) 10.50pts
Heat 9: Pancho Sullivan (HAW) 15.30 pts ; Cahill Bell-Warren (AUS) 10.67pts ; Hank Gaskell (HAW) 9.44pts ; David Do Carmo (BRA) 8.50pts
Heat 10: Vasco Ribeiro (PRT) 13.37pts ; Noe Mar McGonagle (CRI) 12.46pts ; Landon McNamara (HAW) 8.77pts ; Granger Larsen (HAW) 3.17pts
Heat 11: Hizunome Bettero (BRA) 13.77pts ; Conner Coffin (USA) 13.63pts ; Hiroto Ohhara (JPN) 12pts ; Kino Kaito (USA) 9.57pts
Heat 12: Koa Smith (HAW) 16.83pts ; Frederico Morais (PRT) 14.33pts ; Kaimana Jaquias (HAW) 13.83pts ; Cooper Chapman (AUS) 10.26pts

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