Big wave surfers challenge the Nelscott Reef Classic

September 28, 2011 | Surfing
Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic: no fear | Photo: Richard Hallman

The Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic 2011 will be entering the waiting period from October 1st till December 31st. On 48-hour notice, the best big wave surfers on the planet will drop everything and make their way to Lincoln City for the 7th Annual big wave competition, the third stop of the third season of the Big Wave World Tour.

The Nelscott is the longest continuously running big wave contest in the world as John Forse has successfully called the event for the last six years on the most memorable day of the winter.

Last year's contest saw some of the biggest waves ever surfed in competition with both rights and lefts, in the 50-foot range, breaking half-mile off the coast of Lincoln City.

The event was won by dark horse Kohl Christensen (Hawaii), while Jamie Sterling sealed his Big Wave World Tour Championship title with a third-place finish.

Last year's edition, the first as part of the BWWT, cemented Nelscott's reputation as one of the best performance big waves in the world.

The top 12 surfers from the Big Wave World Tour, including World Champions Carlos Burle (Brazil) and Jamie Sterling (Hawaii) along with big wave stars like Greg Long (USA), Ramon Navarro (Chile), and Chile's winner Marcos Monteiro (Brazil) will join 12 event invitees to compete in this year event.

The previous stops on tour were the Quiksilver Punta de Lobos (Chile) and the Billabong Pico Alto (Peru).

Californian big wave legend and one of Nelscott pioneers, Peter Mel (USA), took an early lead in the BWWT ranking with his win in Peru.

Peter will compete in Nelscott, hoping to increase his lead.

However, with both Nelscott and the Peligroso at Todos Santos (Mexico) remaining in the season, the title is still up for grabs.

Last year Nelscott was the first big wave competition to incorporate a women's exhibition heat which was won by Keala Kennelly (Hawaii).

This year again, the top women big wave chargers will gather for an Exhibition Session. There will also be an award for the Biggest Wave surfed on Nelscott's South Reef.

Big Wave World Tour |Current Rankings 2011/2012:

1. Peter Mel (USA)
2. Ben Wilkinson (Australia)
3. Marcos Monteiro (Brazil)
4. Joao De Macedo (Portugal)
5. Ramon Navarro (Chile)
6. Felipe Cesarano (Brazil)