Big wave surfers defy Nazaré in Red Bull Mito

October 24, 2012 | Surfing
Praia do Norte, Nazare: Portugal is the new Hawaii

The world's best big wave surfing teams will be riding the giant waves of Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, Portugal, for the inaugural Red Bull Mito.

Garrett McNamara, the ambassador of epic surfing moments, will be responsible for water safety of the entire teams that will take on the canyon of Nazaré.

The Red Bull Mito, a tow-in surf contest, will be run until the 30th November and with a 72-hour warning before the kick-off, in Praia do Norte. The event will only run with a minimum of 10-metre waves.

Tom Carroll and Ross Clark Jones, one of the most famous big wave surfing teams in the world, have already confirmed their presence in Portuguese waters. Al Mennie and Andrew Cotton will represent the British flag.

Carlos Burle, the man who surfed a 22-metre wave at Mavericks, will come to Nazaré with Felipe Cesarano, while Axi Munian and Pablo Garcia travel from Spain.

South America will be represented in the Red Bull Mito by Ramon Navarro and Gabriel Villaran, two experience wave riders. The Portuguese crowd will support José Gregório and Ruben Gonzalez in the contest.

The Red Bull Mito defies one charger to ride the biggest wave possible, while his team mate pushes him with the motorized help of a jet-ski.