Big wave surfers will challenge fear at "Ours"

March 13, 2014 | Surfing
Mark Mathews: challenging fear | Photo: O'Neill

The world's best big wave surfers will ride the Red Bull Cape Fear, in Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia, between April 17th and August 1st.

The surf spot of "Ours" holds many secrets and hidden stories. Legendary big wave surfer Mark Mathews knows "Ours" better than anyone else and will be organizing the Australian event.

The Red Bull Cape Fear promises paddle and tow-in clashes, held in man-on-man heats. The innovative format was specially designed to be aired on television. It will feature 24 slab riders.

"Pound for pound, Red Bull Cape Fear is the heaviest and most dangerous wave in the world. There's no wave in the world from six to 10 feet that is heavier than it", says Mark Mathews.

"Deep water swells pitch on a super shallow ledge that's covered with razorblade barnacles and then it breaks only 10-15 metres from the cliff face. So if you fall off and don't hit the bottom, chances are you're going to get washed in to that cliff face. There are plenty of dangers and few people willing to navigate them."

"Ours" is one of the most extreme waves in the world. The Australian spot breaks alongside a cliff. The ride is fast and usually does not allow any mistakes.

To add drama to the whole scenario, the local backwash adds 50% of the size to the regular wave sets. The Red Bull Cape Fear will announce the official list of invitees in the coming weeks.

Red Bull Cape Fear 2014 | Invitees

Jamie O'Brien
Ian Walsh
Shane Dorian
Bruce Irons
Makua Rothman
Alex Gray
Mark Matthews
Ryan Hipwood
Koby Abberton
Richie Vaculik
Laurie Towner
Dave Rastovich
Jesse Polock
Dean Morrison