Big wave surfing at Shipstern Bluff

May 23, 2011 | Surfing
Big Tuesday: Shipstern Bluff goes wild

They have called it the "Big Tuesday". An international group of big wave surfers have ridden what is believed to be the biggest day of surfing ever at Shipstern Bluff, in Tasmania, Oceania.

The monster swell has hit the infamous surf peak to deliver outstanding and dangerous wave rides. Marti Paradisis was one of the surfers experiencing and braving the giants walls of water.

"When the swell appeared on the charts, I couldn't believe my eyes. 33ft, 16secs, with light onshore winds becoming more favorable as the evening progresses. It was, to this date, unheard of. The predicted onshore winds were a slight worry but we were determined to give it a crack anyway", reports Paradisis.

The surfing teams aligned for the Shipstern Bluff challenge were: Rudi Scwartz/James Mckeen, James/Ty Hollmer-Cross, Pom/Danny Griffiths and Sandy Ryan/Marti Paradisis.

"Once around at Shippies, we were met with the biggest mutated lumps of water I've ever laid my eyes on. We didn't see one makeable wave. The danger vibe was predominant and I didn't want the nerves to get the better of me so i decided to give it a crack straight up", adds Marti.

In the first wave, Paradisis dropped in ended up getting sucked over. It was the first beatdown of the session, in his first wave. "Each wave you towed into went below sea level and you had no idea where you were on the wave. It was a total mind f--k to surf".

Then, one set came through with 30ft and it suddenly doubled up. "There was no possible way you could ride it and it was cringing thinking about someone being on it. Honestly, no one could've survived that wave".

The waves kept extremely difficult to ride, as the teams were arriving at the spot. But Sandy decided to give a t go and tackled it fearlessly. It was his first consequential surf, since fracturing his neck six months ago.

Charles Ward, a local bodyboarder, was towed by Marti Paradisis into one of the biggest pits of the day. He was clearly stoked. Ty also scored a huge wave. He got into an oversized pit that was as hollow as was high. Mckeen wiped out in a deadly wave.

"It wasn't the best we’d surfed it but it was the biggest. To have it that size and offshore will be a dream that hopefully will happen another time. In the meantime, we can sit back and be thankful no one got seriously hurt", concludes Marti.