Big waves hit "La Vaca Gigante IV"

January 14, 2011 | Surfing

La Vaca Gigante: Santander delivers good meat

The cow is free to go. The Quiksilver "La Vaca Gigante IV" big wave competition is on. After two months of waiting, waves are kicking in at "La Vaca", in Santander, as the heavy swell from the Northeast approaches the coastline.

The Quiksilver "La Vaca Gigante IV" is Spain’s most important big wave surfing event. On the 17th January, five-metre waves are expected, which means the minimum height for the event is reached and surfers may hit the waters.

There will be 16 surfers guided by the Cantabrian Surfing Federation, the Tow-in Center and the city of Santander. "La Vaca Gigante IV" is an invitation only contest reserved to top national and international riders. "La Vaca” is one of the most dangerous and powerful waves in the Cantabrian Sea.

Surfers should expect an enormous body of water, a dangerous reef, strong currents and the proximity of a sharp cliff. The prize money reaches €10,000. Playa de El Bocal waits the go-go signal. Free the wave beast.

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