Billabong Surf Trip is the new surfing game

September 2, 2010 | Surfing

Billabong Surf Trip: first the iPhone, then the PS3, Xbox360 and PC

Billabong and Biodroid, a Portuguese game developer, are proud to present Billabong Surf Trip, an arcade-simulation surfing game for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The demand for a new surfer’s game of surf has been brewing slowly in the surfing community and this brand new game brings an authentic experience that captures the real essence of surfing.

Set throughout the world’s best surfing destinations, the game features Billabong A-Team Professional Surfers including Andy Irons, Taj Burrows, Joel Parkinson and Tiago Pires sharing helpful tips on how to shred and barrel through waves for maximum performance.

“We’re proud to bring the first licensed surfing game to the App Store, delivering an immersive experience to surfing enthusiasts and newcomers alike,” explains Johnny Coghlan, Head of Publishing, Chillingo. “The adrenaline rush of paddling out and executing over 20 trick combinations including snaps and cut backs, along with catching air and maneuvering through ground swells and tube waves will really excite gamers seeking fast-paced fun at their fingertips.”

Super-realistic waves that can be traveled to on Billabong Surf Trip include World Championship Tour locations like Mundaka, Spain; Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa; Pipeline, Hawaii; Teahupoo, Tahiti and many others.

The surf-art style graphics create super-realistic visuals, and the game has many highlights that create a whole world inside the surfing culture. Future platforms will include Sony PSP, Wii Ware, Xbox 360

“Biodroid developed a robust life-like game that explores Surf and Billabong heritage in a totally authentic way” said Diogo Horta e Costa, Biodroid. “We worked closely with Billabong and its Professional Surfers to ensure that the game mechanics mirrored what is experienced in reality,“ states Ricardo Flores, Biodroid. “Every detail from the types of heart-stopping waves found at various surfing locations to the range of tricks players can try is what can actually be done in the sport.”

“Combining the simulation style game with an arcade feel is the ideal approach to introduce new folks to the sport as well as engage surfing fans, said Graham Stapelberg, Billabong USA VP of Marketing. “Our Billabong A-Team Surfers were delighted to contribute insight for the game development and were amazed at how closely the details of Billabong Surf Trip matched their experiences in the ocean.”

Billabong Surf Trip is slated to launch this Fall on the App Store. 

Meanwhile enjoy online surfing games.

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