Billy Stairmand crowned 2015 New Zealand surfing champion

January 19, 2015 | Surfing
Billy Stairmand: air glory | Photo: Surfing NZ

Billy Stairmand and Gabriella Sansom are the 2015 New Zealand surfing champions.

The finals of the 2015 Billabong National Surfing Championships were held in stormy two-meter surf, at Piha Beach. Stairmand won his fourth title to equal longtime rival Maz Quinn.

"I had my eyes on that title all week long. I felt confident in my surfing, and I have a good board under my feet," underlined Stairmand.

"It is good to put my name on the trophy again and take it back to Raglan for another year. It is always amazing to win the Nationals, Maz was hunting for five titles, and I was hunting for four and I got it. I am keen to get my name on there as much as possible."

Gabriella Sansom, from Auckland, secured her first national title in the Open Women's division. The surfer from Long Bay battled massive waves and built a 14.0 point score to celebrate her maiden glory.

"I planned to hug in close to the Beehive and try and get a few small waves," added Sansom in reference to the rock formation at the south.

2015 New Zealand National Surfing Championships

Open Men's Division
1. Billy Stairmand, 18.6
2. Maz Quinn, 14.93
3. Alex Dive, 11.63
4. Tane Wallis, 11

Open Women's Division
1. Gabriella Sansom, 13.7
2. Britt Kindred, 7.3
3. Jessica Santorik, 6.9
4. Dayna Story, 2.57

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