BoardBubl: a packaging solution for protecting surfboards in transit | Photo: BoardBUBL

A protective packaging company announced the launch of BoardBUBL, a product designed specifically to give complete protection to surfboards in transit.

BoardBUBL is the result of a long-term collaboration between BUBL Packaging and Jez Browning, founder, and owner of Unisurfity, a surf coaching business.

Even the slightest dent or scratch can cause serious damage to a surfboard from water ingress, so it's vital to keep the whole board completely protected.

BoardBUBL is made from very strong, recyclable material that covers the entire board and virtually eliminates transit damage - it protects the complete board, including the rails, tail, and nose.

BUBL Packaging has already completed highly successful pilot schemes with some of the leading surfboard brands, and the products have been used to ship boards all over the world.

The product has been tested thoroughly on air, sea and road shipments.

Protection for All Types of Boards

It has been targeted initially at surfboard manufacturers, but transit damage issues are common to other similar products, such as stand-up paddleboards (SUP), snowboards, skateboards and windsurfing boards.

So, BoardBUBL can be used to protect all of these and more and comes in two variants.

BoardBUBL Tubes: pack up to ten boards in a single package | Photo: BoardBUBL

BoardBUBL Wrapping is ideal for protecting single boards, while BoardBUBL Tubes are used to pack up to ten boards in a single package.

BoardBUBL is inflated only when needed, and dramatically reduces demand for warehouse space. It can also be reused multiple times, making it environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective.

"BoardBUBL is a fantastic example of how we can address the needs of specific sectors by collaborating with industry experts," notes Ross Woodburn, managing director of BUBL Packaging.

"The product is being used by leading board makers who have quickly seen the value it brings economically for themselves - but just as importantly it brings about a reduction in emotional damage for their customers, as receiving a damaged board is hugely disappointing and can cause long-lasting reputational damage."

The specialists in inflatable and reusable protective packaging will continue to expand its range of packaging solutions with further product announcements due through 2019.

FireWire Surfboards is already using the new protective system.

"Switching to BUBL products has sped up our preparing of shipments, lightened the boxes we ship out and made it easier for our clients to deal with our packaging," concludes Tex Vertongen, CFO/COO of FireWire.

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